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Dazzle ME Dolls Take MIAMI: FIVE FAVES

This past weekend the Dazzle ME Dolls had a blast taking Miami Beach. The purpose of the trip was to bond, build and visit Le Petite Spa, a gorgeous kids spa in Miami.  We did a countdown of our top FIVE favorite things we did while in Miami…

1 : Visiting Le Petite Spa: We nearly spent the entire day with Maria at the gorgeous Le Petite Spa. We got to learn about all of there awesome services and share how much we love to work at a kids spa.

2 : Relaxing on the Beach: Who doesn’t love to relax on the beach? The Dazzle Me Dolls, enjoy pampering the girls at the spa but we also need pampering time. We all went to the beach and played in the sand while playing fun team building games….lets just say the human knot game is a lot harder than it seems but we managed to work together to solve the puzzle.

3 : Riding Bikes: We started the day off getting some exersise in and bike a couple of miles up Collins Blvd. We were enjoying the nice beach breeze until Serina’s bike chain popped….We had to ask the Miami Beach fire department to help us and thankfully they were able to….lets just say it was an eventful day.

4 : Versace Mansion: We stopped by the Versace Mansion after dinner and was able to learn all about the history of the mansion. The mansion is heavily guarded so getting in is nearly impossible (unless you make dinner reservations) Maybe next time we are in Miami we will takeover the Versace Mansion…..

5 : Bonding: We are a close knit family and enjoyed being around each other laughing on vacation. The best part of the entire trip was bonding and being able to enjoy the sun together…..We want to know what you are planning to do this summer….tag us in your summer adventures with your friends.

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